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If we are unable to provide you with the healthcare services you need, we are happy to refer you to the proper specialist.
We are proud to work with a dedicated and extensive group of professionals who are part of our referral network. We typically provide referrals for:
• Mental Health Services;
• Pediatric Care;
• Womens Health Services; and
• Sub-specialties such as:
– Gastroenterology (Stomach and Digestive Issues)
–  Cardiology (Heart Disease)
– Pulmonology (Respiratory or Breathing Issues)
– Nephrology (Kidneys)

Eye Screenings

Project Best offered through the State of NJ Department of Human Services, Commission for the Blind and Visually Impaired provides free eye screenings including Diabetic Eye Screenings free of charge. Download the schedule and locations of services.

Dental Care

If you need simple dental care, we have relationships with two dentists, TLC Dental and AZ Dental Spa,  who may be able to provide dental services at a very reduced rate.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD), HIV and TB Testing and Treatment

If you need HIV, STD or TB  testing, you can contact The NJ Department of Health where you can find many clinics who will provide the testing free of charge. They can also provide you counseling, medications, help with insurance, and home care information.