Cherry Hill Free Clinic

We believe in a world where everyone has access to healthcare. That's why our volunteer team of clinicians is serving our uninsured neighbors for free.

Kindness is everything.

Compassionate access to care is important. It’s a key part to living a dignified life. At Cherry Hill Free Clinic, we’re committed to providing the uninsured access to free primary care, as well as key support services. We serve those who are caught in the cracks of our broken healthcare system.


Our Impact

Since opening our doors in April 2017, our community of supporters and partners have helped us spark a movement to push back on healthcare inequality. Learning about the problem we solve, listening to the concerns of our patients, and adapting to serve them in innovative ways has allowed us to become the number #1 free clinic in the region.

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Need to see a doctor? Uninsured or under-insured, living in New Jersey? We can help, and it’s 100% free! Give us a call today: (856) 281-3032 

Learn more about how we can cater to your unique healthcare needs by visiting our Care Services page.