About Us

About 20% of our neighbors are uninsured and suffering. We’re here for those in need, absolutely free.

We Value


  • Service before self. We take pride in serving each other and those around us.
  • Empathy is in our DNA.


  • We hold ourselves accountable, no matter how painful.
  • We honor ourselves, our growth, and each other.
  • We don’t use profanity or objectify anyone.
  • We take pride in our work—and it shows.


  • We know that ability is cultivated and effort trumps talent.
  • We’re lifelong learners and support each other’s self development.
  • No one is above asking for help, and we don’t belittle those who do.
  • We’re always innovating.


  • We work to make work fun, rewarding, and meaningful.
  • Our mission fills us with excitement and optimism.


  • We practice gratitude and give generously.
  • We care about each other and those we serve like family.
  • We’re grateful for the opportunity to build a legacy for our community.

Our Mission

To provide free primary care to the uninsured and underinsured.

Our Vision

An end to healthcare suffering from lack of access to care.

Meet Our Team

Volunteer powered kindness.

Our Impact

Humanity Focused Results

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